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Mind Field Repatterning™ - Special Classes Archived
to Enjoy at Your Own Pace

Enjoy this ever-growing collection of MFR streaming recorded classes. Fine-tune your quantum dowsing skills and integrate expansive ideas into practical life applications. Each class is designed to enhance learning and deliver potent energetic clearings.
Immerse yourself in these special classes taught by David Cowan and Erina Cowan,
co- founders of Mind Field Repatterning, a transformational system directed at freedom
from suffering through healing the mind and awakening the heart


This Collection of Classes includes

  • Links to the streamed recordings

  • Proprietary charts and additional e-Docs

Restructuring Ancestral Patterns - Erina Cowan - $55

Point of Conception - a potent access portal to completing lineage agreements which no longer serve your highest good. 6D Codes provided to release limiting ancestral patterns, enhance DNA telomeres, and increase DNA light transmission and activation.  Restructure 6D ‘family tree’ template to a higher vibrational state

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Release your Inner Child’s joy and inherent ability to shine in life. Clear patterns that inhibit this and unlock your highest potential.Covered: clear stressful energies taken on while in utero.   Release birth trauma memories

Childhood: Restructure ‘childhood energetic template’

Happy Child: Free to Shine Through Life - Erina Cowan - $55

Working with Number Codes - David Cowan - $55

Geometries, mathematics and numbers are a Universal Language. All manifestation is organized by numbers. You will learn to find the perfect 'code' to bring in balance and harmonize any issue you can imagine.

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Rewiring the Neural Network - Erina Cowan - $55

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Neuroplasticity’ is the ability of brain cells (neurons) to reorganize and form new neural pathways. Learn how to energetically ‘reprogram’ your biochemistry to assist in releasing the past and enjoying life anew.

Learn the MFR proprietary process of 'special issue investigation' that has helped hundreds of clients get clear of blocks and limitations, freeing them to move on and consciously co-create the life that we all truly want and deserve. 

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MFR Special Issue Focus 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole' - David Cowan - $55

Releasing Resistance to Living an Abundant Life - Erina Cowan - $55

We are cracking the ancient 'Babylonian Debt Slavery' code! We have been running this fear-based program for long enough!  Find where you have been ‘hiding’ these files and delete them.  Time to enjoy an abundant life!

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Traveling the Time Lines - David Cowan - $55

Time and space are illusory, both constructs of the dualistic mind.  Therefore, we are able to bend the linear laws of time and space to collapse patterns and shift outcomes.  Learn how to travel time lines to create shifts in your ‘reality sets’.

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You are designed to be happy.  It’s your nature, whether you have tapped into it yet or not. When you are living your passion and letting the creative juices flow…you are in alignment with your highest purpose.

Aligning with Life Purpose - Erina Cowan - $55

'30 Minute Power Session' - Erina Cowan - $55

30 minute 'Power Session' protocol; a comprehensive session bringing the physical and 'light bodies' into greater harmony and health. Learn to help yourself and others get clear and feel a whole lot better in just 30 minutes. 

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Travel deep down the ancestral lineage in this one- hour session demonstration.  As with all other Abundant Living classes, charts and outlines will be provided to assist you in masterfully doing lineage work on your own.... 'prune' your family tree of old debris, and help others release their 'passed-down' limiting patterns.

Working the Lineages and Session Demonstration - Erina Cowan - $55

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Working with Earth Energies and Clearing Spaces - Erina Cowan - $55

Earth is a living system. You will learn to access and balance your relationship with the various grids and systems of this lovely and vibrant planet. Feel more grounded and confident as you travel life's journey knowing yourself as connected to a greater whole. 

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The world and all within it are a 'mirror of the mind.' Discover the deep potential for inner transformation through consciously shifting the patterns within that obscure the True Light of your Being.

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Mind Field Repatterning™ as Spiritual Practice - David Cowan - $55

Freedom from Addictions - Erina Cowan - $55

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Learn to reclaim your birthright to joy, creativity and well-being through identifying and releasing core causes on the level of mind. Causes can include ancestral patterns, past traumas and limiting beliefs. Freedom is a choice ... claim yours now! 

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Emotions are primary determinants of our ongoing experiences, although we rarely understand 'where they come from' and how to best deal with them.

Learn exactly what 'emotional memory charges' are, how they are formed, and how we can release them for good. This is not about denying emotions; rather how to move through them without taking them forward as ‘baggage’.

Healing the Emotional Body - David Cowan - $55

Dowsing the Emotional Body - Going Deeper - David Cowan - $55

Mind Field Repatterning™ offers a unique and powerful process to bring hidden emotional issues to surface, observe them, and change our minds about them. Learn to uncover and release the deep, 'invisible' blocks to your joy, light and freedom! 

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Celebrating the Inspired Feminine - Erina Cowan - $55

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The 'feminine essence' is alive and well and arising in our collective psyche as the inner call for peace and inspiration. Silence is her signature...and her gift to you is your ability to be inspired, nurtured, self-loving and accepting; to be able to effortlessly sustain a balanced mind, body and spirit through healthy feminine expression

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Learn how the ‘Wounded Male Archetype’ is linked to ‘outside interference’ with human evolution; a hidden chapter of our global history that is up for acknowledgment and healing. We can unwind ancient patterns and create a more harmonious and peaceful way of being.   

Healing the 'Wounded Male' Archetype - David Cowan - $55

Connecting with Your Starseed lineage - Erina Cowan - $55

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Our ancestral lineages and soul timelines extend far beyond the history of planet Earth. In clearings over the years, Erina has often been called to assist clients in releasing unconscious traumas that led to connecting with lifetimes on other planets, in other star systems. Clear what calls for release, connect with your galactic lineage and expand your horizons.

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