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Awakening Hearts and Minds - Courses / Events

Imagine What You Could Feel Like Once Free of Limiting Patterns!

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Level 1

MFR Certification

Mind Field Repatterning™

Level 2

Mind Field Repatterning™
Mind Field Repatterning™

Level 3

Mind Field Repatterning™

Abundant Living



Your curiosity about our courses indicates that you have already connected with an inner desire to awaken

and that your soul is calling you to explore pathways supportive of this quest.


All courses offered are designed to expand minds
and to cultivate Heart Intelligence,

which is our natural state of being. Ideas presented in these courses are based on a non-dual, liberating perspective and the understanding that only Love is real.  Therefore, everything else is easily changed.  The result… shift happens, life enriches, and Love is realized. 

Special Online Classes and In-Person Events 

are offered in alignment with our dedication to global awakening and 

growing foundations of peace and harmony in the birthing of a new earth

There are four primary course pathways

  • Mind Field Repatterning™ Levels I, II, III

  • Mind Field Repatterning™ - Special Online Classes

  • Mind Field Repatterning In-Person Events  

  • Soulful Relationship                      CLICK HERE 


Enjoy your exploration!  I look forward to joining you on your journey…

Love, Erina

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