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Certified MFR Practitioners

Here is an ever-growing list of available & Certified MFR Practitioners

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California (USA):
Melissa Bingham CMFRP   847-716-0673

Florida (USA):
Anne B. Hughes CMFRP   904-615-4712

Ohio (USA):
Valerie Chandler CMFRP  220-228-0202

Missouri (USA):
Karis Amsler CMFRP   314-303-1200

Ontario (Canada)
Martha Brissenden CMFRP  647-207-0430

We are delighted to celebrate our growing family of
Certified Mind Field Repatterning Practitioners

 Reach out to schedule an appointment with a CMFRP listed here. These can be arranged as remote sessions, or perhaps in-person with a practitioner in your area.
I can attest to the level of expertise and excellent work
that each of them offers. ... Erina

This list will continue expanding with growing numbers of
MFR Certified Practitioners as our certification program, which launched in 2021 continues. If you are interested in more info about becoming a Certified Mind Field Repatterning Practitioner 'CMFRP'

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