What is Mind Field Repatterning

Are you feeling the inner 'push' to more to the next level of your life?

‘MFR’ is the technique based on David and Erina Cowan's groundbreaking work 'Dowsing Beyond Duality'.

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Progress through the 3 levels of Mind Field Repatterning for an amazing journey of transformation and personal empowerment

The answer is already within you and simpler than you think !

Mind Field Repatterning™

  • Offers an evolutionary approach to shifting from the limitations of conditioning to aligning with the infinitely creative function of higher mind

  • Mind Field Repatterning™ ‘MFR’ integrates expansive ideas and non-dual perspectives with a unique quantum dowsing method

  • MFR is designed to free your mind and awaken Heart Intelligence

  • A multidimensional practice that allows you to find and release limiting patterns that are core to imbalances and suffering in any area of life

  • A quantum healing system that directs the interface between consciousness, light ‘in-formation’ (biophotons) and torsion waves to manifest desired results

  • The practice of ‘MFR’ works outside 3D restrictions of time and space

  • A viable means to edit ‘energetic memories’ from past events, often creating tangible shifts in outcome

  • Key to connecting with your True Essence

What Sets This Apart From Other Dowsing Methods ?

I have gained an understanding of quantum principles and non-duality to create a multidimensional approach to shifting patterns - and releasing blockages to create new 'realities'.

The spin of a pendulum creates a miniature vortex which opens a 'zero-point' portal for the instant manifestation of focused intentions.

Patterns shift and space is created in which new possibilities can emerge.

Change happens

Emphasis is placed on creating a shift in orientation from - - an ego-based dualistic mindset to an expanded consciousness that goes beyond 'DUALITY' - THIS IS WHERE MIRACULOUS LIVING OCCURS


'MFR' guides you in discovering and releasing hidden beliefs - and 'vibrational' memories that cause suffering in areas of your life.

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How Can You Enjoy the Benefits of Mind Field Repatterning™ ?


  • MFR Levels 1, 2, and 3 are designed to take you on a sequential pathway to mastering the art of Mind Field Repatterning™.  

  • Each course is presented as a five- week online program with classes and additional Q & A sessions held.

  • MFR Certificates of Completion are awarded.

  • Commitment to all three courses is not mandatory. 

  • However, the order of how they are taken is. There is an intentional progression established through the sequence.


  • A collection of MFR classes available for purchase as streamed video recordings.

  • Each class is presented by either David or Erina Cowan. Since Mind Field Repatterning can be applied to any area of life and as far as your imagination will stretch, likely you will find some stimulating material here.

  • Topics include: Healthy Relationships, Ancestral Patterning, Emerging Radiant from 2020 Chaos, Shifting Morphic Fields, and many more.

  • Materials provided include proprietary dowsing charts relevant to each topic.

As each of us awakens Love within, so too is Love awakening in the world

“ All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body.  If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.  As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change…  This is the divine mystery supreme.  A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness…” – Mahatma Gandhi

Suggested Purchase: 

‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (David Ian and Erina Cowan; RWW 2012)

Although not required for classes, we highly recommend you purchase this, as you likely will find it to be a great compliment for your journey in mastering MFR