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Personal Sessions

Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy life with renewed clarity, vitality and passion!

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Personal Sessions 

FIVE - 60 min
Personal Sessions for $450

THREE - 60 min
Personal Sessions for $298

Personal Session 
Option 4

ONE - 60 min
Personal Session for $120

TEN - 60 min
Personal Sessions for $850

Information is shared, limitations are cleared and new possibilities begin to manifest

You may be guided in conscious breathing, tapping or other appropriate techniques

Relevant suggestions and insights are offered to assist you beyond the session

YOU are your own healer and conductor in the symphony of your life!

Personal Session 
Option 3
Personal Session 
Option 1
Personal Session 
Option 2

What Benefits May You Experience through a Personal Session with Erina?

  • Releasing patterns that have caused challenges in areas of health, wealth, career, and relationship

  • Clearing limiting patterns and karma passed down through the ancestral lineage

  • Opening to inspiration and alignment with life purpose

  • Release of stress patterns that hold you in the cycle of limitation

  • Letting go of addictions, depression and anxiety; acceptance of joy

  • Clear energetic congestion to align with your Inner Guide and experience a miraculous life

  • Focus on any area of your life and affect them all

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