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Erina Carey Cowan, BS, PA,CMFRP

Author, Co-Founder and Trainer of 'Mind Field Repatterning' ™                        Facilitator of Awakening Hearts and Minds 

My life’s exploration of metaphysical and scientific approaches to understanding energy fields, mind and heart connection, relationship and spiritual awakening enrich all that I offer.  I am currently serving as Co-founder and Trainer of 'Mind Field Repatterning’™, Facilitator of Sessions and Courses designed to support Awakening, International Teacher and Practitioner of alternative healing practices

Co-authored 'Dowsing Beyond Duality' with David Cowan (RWW; 2012)

A comprehensive guide in advanced spiritual dowsing. 

Mind Field Repatterning™, the Cowans’ transformational healing method evolved from work presented in Dowsing Beyond Duality and non-dual ideas founded in A Course in Miracles. 'MFR' directs the collapse of limiting patterns (representing unhealed, unconscious beliefs) held in mind, field and body, creating an opening to the infinite field of all possibilities and an Awakening of Heart and Mind. A return to Love, to One Self.

My journey

       My life’s path of soulful inquiry and exploration

      Took me through motherhood and loving partnership,

       Decades of spiritual exploration,

Global travel and connections with many beautiful souls.

This, all driven by the deep quest to awaken to what's real

Awakened passion to help others

I worked as a PA in Functional Medicine,

Embraced Energy Medicine as practitioner and trainer

Of cutting- edge technologies

Including Quantum Biofeedback, Light & Sound Therapies,

PEMF and Microcurrent devices

Developed Mind Field Repatterning 'MFR' with David Cowan

For more info on MFR and to find out how this extraordinary healing system

Can serve you CLICK HERE

       Which evolved into a shared adventure

Collapsing the illusion of separation

Playing with infinite possibilities in

The Unified Field

As I, we awaken Heart Intelligence...

Through Courses and Personal Sessions

Mind Field Repatterning TM

Awakening through Mind Field Repatterning TM

Awakening through Art of Relationship™

Personal Transformational Sessions

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MY Passion


I know that anything is possible

My own life journey has taken me through a quest

of learning how to shift from fear to love, limitation to freedom and suffering to joy

Each of us is truly capable of changing our life experience

Happiness is not dependent on ‘external’ influences

We each hold the key to liberating ourselves from suffering

I have learned where the key can be found

Through this exploration

I have discovered that the nature of our True Essence

Is brilliantly radiant and Infinitely Creative

We are not bound as limited small self

Each of us is an integral part of the Whole,

In Love, As Presence

Erina Isis gateway 2 2019.jpeg

Aligning fully with one's True Essence is the awakening of Heart Intelligence

What does this take? 


Willingness to open to new possibilities

Readiness to start living fully

Learning to Let go


We are all on a unique path of remembering that Love is really all there is

I would love to join you in your Pathway to Awakening

To me, there is no grander adventure than this!

Contact Me at

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