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A Course in Awakening
Through Mind Field Repatterning

An Evolutionary Approach to
Healing the Mind, Collapsing Illusion and Accessing True Self, One Self

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2024 Winter Course is well-underway!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Course Dates

Ten Classes on Wednesday evenings
5 - 6:30 pm MT
Five Interactive Group Calls
on alternating weeks
(30 Min) will be scheduled within
your groups

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A Course on Awakening through Mind Field Repatterning

takes us through a transformational ten week journey merging liberating non-dual ideas and practices with Mind Field Repatterning, a powerful quantum healing practice that effectively collapses limiting unconscious thoughts and patterns. These patterns direct our life experience until surfaced and shifted.  This course is designed to assist you in letting go of that which holds you bound to limitation, availing you to the field of all possibilities...

that you may truly

enjoy the freedom of living a miraculous life while here.


We really are all here on Planet Earth for the same purpose…to learn from our experiences and awaken to a greater reality. Ultimately, we all awaken. This is also called enlightenment (‘to be free of the tyranny of mind; to experience deep spiritual peace, joy, wholeness’).  In this state we are unbound by the chaotic limitations of our conditioned ‘ego’ mind.  This being our natural state, is attainable while still here in physical form. There need not be struggle in this, although our unconscious fear of love can often make it seem a challenge. Your natural state is one of joy, free to love what is in every moment... 'to be in the world, but not of it.'

This course is focused on supporting you through your journey of awakening, with emphasis on 're-patterning' or restructuring your mind and field 'energetic template' to support a tangible shift in your life experience, seen as greater peace within, mirrored in what you experience as 'external'.

Creating a shift opens minds and hearts to the Infinite Field of Love, our natural state. Key here is to tap into the experience of Love, connection in Presence. Cultivation of Presence is central to this journey... supporting the experience of Awakened Mind and Compassionate Heart.

Non-Dual Teachings

  • Take us beyond the limitations of linear laws (time, space, and all forms manifest by the erroneous belief in separation).

  • Our foundation is based on principles shared in 'A Course in Miracles', which is a non-religious, all-inclusive teaching geared toward liberation from suffering through healing of the mind.  Our integration of these ideas is designed to support you in practical application in all areas of life.

Mind Field Repatterning 'MFR' - the heart of MFR is purposed to collapsing limiting patterns (projections from an unhealed mind), thereby dissolving attachment to ego 'conditioned mind' identity. The ease with which patterns collapse and perceived 'realities' shift supports an understanding that all form is impermanent (everything here inevitably changes).  If something changes so easily, how real was it to begin with?  Mind Field Repatterning ...

  • Offers an evolutionary approach to shifting from the limitations of conditioning to aligning with the infinitely creative function of higher mind

  • Mind Field Repatterning™ ‘MFR’ integrates expansive ideas and non-dual perspectives with a unique quantum dowsing method

  • Mind Field Repatterning is designed to free your mind and awaken Heart Intelligence

  • A multidimensional practice that allows you to find and release limiting patterns that are core to imbalances and suffering in any area of life

  • For more info on 'What is Mind Field Repatterning' Click Here

Wednesday Evening Classes - designed to engage you in shifting limiting perceptions, waking up awareness of your Inner Joy and creating daily experiences that nurture a return to true Self, your natural state.  As mind opens to new perspectives, Self-realization deepens and the heart blossoms.  Awakening doesn't have to be such a serious endeavor... in fact, keeping things light

goes a long way in healing minds and hearts!

Weekly Group Call - Five 30 min interactive group calls arranged by your group (to best accommodate schedules).  Everyone has an opportunity to apply the ideas and practice Mind Field Repatterning in small groups of 3 every other week.  Meeting each other in the only place we truly can meet, connecting in a higher state of awareness and cultivating Presence are core to these calls. Hundreds of students over the last decade have embraced this format as a truly intimate, supportive experience. Truly this offers a powerful way for each person to deeply integrate and benefit from the teachings and practices shared each week.


"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God."  ACIM


Topics Explored


  • Healing of the Dream. Shamans have spoken of our life here as dreamlike in nature. What is ‘reality? Understanding the architecture of the Matrix… our thoughts create our realities.

  • What is the difference between dual and non-dual perception? Shifting perception changes everything.

  • The Art of Presence

  • What is a miracle? Opening yourself to living a miraculous life... it is your natural state of being.

  • Love or fear... only one of these is real. When  true love is present, fear cannot exist.

  • Healing and Wholeness. Transforming all relationships to love

  • Projection & Perception

  • Separation & problem and one solution

  • Hearing the Voice of God (Divine, Source, 1000 names...all are ONE). Cultivating silence

  • “True Forgiveness.” Discover the portal to your own liberation by releasing others and the world from judgment. Ultimately, we learn that in truth there is nothing to forgive.

  • The Awakening. Living without the burden of a conditioned mind we awaken our inherent nature.

  • New Beginning; Welcome to Reality

Curriculum Includes

  • Mind Field Repatterning sessions to shift perception from judgment-based, conditioned thinking to liberating 'present-moment' awareness, inspiring true vision

  • Practical applications for miraculous living

  • Non-dual teachings to inspire creative insights, healing shifts and deepening Self-awareness

  • Intimate (groups of 3) calls for support and bonding, sharing insights and practicing skills

  • Guided weekly meditations to support the cultivation of Presence

Logistics & Materials Provided

  • Basics of Mind Field Repatterning     90 min streamed video to get you up and going or to refresh your skills

  • Link to LIVE Online classes

  • Link to Class Recordings

  • Awakening through Mind Field Repatterning Manual - a guide to awakening through healing the mind and opening your heart. Progression of Manual topics brilliantly compliment the ideas covered in weekly classes

  • Mind Field Repatterning proprietary charts

  • Guided weekly meditation recording to support each weeks' theme and your personal evolution in awakening mind and heart.

All facets of the Course work in harmony to support your Awakening and
Return to Love & Living a Miraculous Life


Awakening through Mind Field Repatterning
Stay Tuned for Our Next Course Dates

Course Enrollment $599


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