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Mind Field Repatterning - Level 3 - 'Further Along'

Change How You Experience Life



2024 Dates TBA

I'm looking forward to joining you in spring 2024 to journey through the magic and mastery of Mind Field Repatterning Level Three

Six 90 min classes

Three 60 min Q & A / Practice Skills Sessions


Join us for a broader exploration of patterns as they play out in your Soul's unique journey through Lifetimes...

MFR Further Along – Level 3 – Six Week LIVE Online Course


MFR 3 Further Along is designed to assist you in:

  • Fine tuning your MFR dowsing confidence,  clarity and effectiveness

  • Expanding awareness of your chosen curriculum in this incarnation

  • Revealing patterns that may be negatively influencing your life from a list of over 2,000

  • Collapsing time and reducing suffering through alchemizing limiting patterns or ‘energetic signatures’

  • Re-aligning you with the field of infinite potential and joyful creation, optimized wellbeing, and fulfillment

Logistics & Materials Provided

  • Link to LIVE Online Classes and Optional    Q & A Sessions

  • Link to All Sessions Recordings

  • Extensive Lists (over 2600 patterns) and MFR ‘Multidimensional Chart’

Curriculum Includes

  • Recognize virtues that your soul has been cultivating through apparent challenges or ‘opportunities’ in this life

  • Access energetic assistance from the Crystal Kingdom and Spiritual Realms

  • Discover and shift patterns that hold specific life areas in disharmony

  • A proprietary chart that includes supportive energies of sacred symbols, spirit guides, high vibration-geometries, 6D rates and potencies… a playful way to powerfully alchemize patterns and shift ‘realities’

  • Multidimensional exploration with ‘11 Dimensions’ Charts

  • Edit your script; change your life

Attention is given to moving through experiences, 'lightening up' and initiating shifts from the playful, Creative Mind, which knows there are infinite possibilities in each moment and trajectories are up for change all the time!

                       Wake Up Your Luminous Self ...                     Creative, Free, in Love with Life

Register Here - MFR - Level 3

  • 12 Hours of Live Streaming Classes with Q & A Sessions,

  • Personal Support

  • Proprietary Charts & Other Materials Provided

  • Course value is $1250

  • Enrollment $444



If You Have Previously Completed

MFR Level 3 You are Eligible for an Alumni Special Discount Enrollment

  • Dive back in for only $111

  • Must have completed MFR 3 for this discount

MFR 3 Alumni Discount


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