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A Course in Awakening
Through the Art of Relationship

An Evolutionary Approach to Moving from the Outdated  Perspectives of love and life to Accessing Heart Intelligence and Awakening True Self

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2024 Schedule TBA
Six Classes on Thursday evenings
6 - 7:30 pm MT
Six Weekly Interactive Group Calls
(30 Min) will be scheduled to best suit participants' schedules

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A Course on Awakening... through the Art of Relationship' Join us in this beautifully intimate 6-week online journey that has blossomed from a twelve-year evolutionary course in relationship. Relationship (with other people, life, self, Source...all the same) is our primary key to Awakening. This interactive Course is based on non-dual ideas and practices that enhance how we experience ALL relationships and come to living more joyfully, more Present, more alive! Awaken Heart Intelligence and fall more deeply and completely in Love again,with ALL.


We really are all here on Planet Earth for the same purpose…to learn from our experiences and awaken to a greater reality. Ultimately, we all awaken. This is also called enlightenment (‘to be free of the tyranny of mind; to experience deep spiritual peace, joy, wholeness’).  In this state we are unbound by the chaotic limitations of our conditioned ‘ego’ mind.  This being our natural state, is attainable while still here in physical form. There need not be struggle in this, although our unconscious fear of love can often make it seem a challenge.

This course is focused on supporting you through your journey of awakening, with emphasis on ‘relationship’ as being the primary key in unlocking your awareness to full remembrance of Love.

Thursday Evening Classes - designed to engage you in shifting limiting perceptions and creating daily experiences that nurture true intimacy with others and fulfillment in life.  As mind opens to new perspectives, Self-realization deepens and the heart blossoms.

Weekly Group Call - Six 30 min interactive group calls.  Everyone has an opportunity to apply the ideas presented through the practice of Soulful Communication  in small groups of 3 each week.  Hundreds of students over the last decade have embraced this practice as a way to join in Presence, a truly intimate experience.  Soulful Communication cultivates the experience of Divine Union, whereas conventional teachings in communication often foster a vain attempt at connecting at the level of conditioned mind, ego. This works only at 'surface level' and cannot support true connection.  Soulful Communication unlocks awareness to Heart Intelligence, true connection occurs and relationships heal.


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~Rumi

Topics Explored


  • “All I ever experience is myself.” Taking responsibility – the key to shifting from 'reactive' to 'responsive'.  This is a simple yet profoundly transformative shift.

  • “What is ‘reality’? Understanding the architecture of the Matrix… our thoughts create our realities. Shamans have spoken of our life here as dreamlike in nature.

  • The Art of Presence.  Collapsing the illusion of time and space to be wholly present in each moment and in all interactions

  • “The Call for Love.” Recognizing the roots of behavior. Letting everyone, including    ourselves, off the ‘hook’ of guilt.  When love is present, fear cannot exist.

  • “True Forgiveness.” Discover the portal to your own liberation by releasing others and the world from judgment.  Ultimately, we learn that in truth there is nothing to forgive.

  • Love -Living without the burden of a conditioned mind we awaken our inherent nature

Curriculum Includes

  • Simple exercises to shift perception from judgment-based, conditioned thinking to liberating 'non-dual' envisioning ... miraculous living

  • Non-dual teachings to inspire self-exploration and a deepening Self-awareness

  • The Art of Soulful Communication  is integrated as a powerful 'life changing' practice.  ‘SC’ is the practice of being fully present to oneself and others as an expression of ‘true authentic Self’

Logistics & Materials Provided

  • Link to LIVE Online classes

  • Link to Class Recordings

  • A Course in Awakening  Manual - a guide to Self-discovery and deepening relationships. Progression of Manual topics brilliantly compliments ideas covered in weekly classes

All facets of the Course work in harmony to support your Awakening and the birth of a new paradigm in relationship 


2024 Schedule TBA

Enrollment $499

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