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Schedule a Personal Session


Sessions are designed with the understanding that each of us

is on a uniquely different path in our life dance. 

When connection with Higher Self perspective is bridged

we are able to  surface unconscious beliefs and energetic patterns

that influence limitations in life.

Once brought to the light of conscious awareness

these patterns are easily collapsed and

the field of new possibilities and probabilites is accessed.

Purpose directs outcome.

Sessions are dedicated to healing the mind and

awakening heart intelligence. 

In this state Self is realized and new joyful creations abound.

Benefits From A Personal Session - - - A Session May Help You :

  • Release patterns that negatively influence your health, wealth, career, and relationships

  • Clear energetic imprints and karma passed down through ancestral lineage

  • Let go of unconscious limiting beliefs and childhood conditioning

  • Open to inspiration and greater alignment with  purpose and fulfillment

  • Release stress patterns that hold you in the cycle of limitation

  • Let go of addictions, depression and anxiety

  • Identify and shift patterns brought in from other lifetimes

Sessions can assist you in shifting your ‘reality’ through facilitating a 'reset' of old programs. Be free to create anew!

What Does a Session Look Like ?

  • I create the space for receiving inspired guidance, then 'tune in' to you 30 minutes prior to our call to access memory ‘files’

  • These files represent ‘vibrational’ patterns that may be negatively influencing your life

  • Your 60 min session: Gathered information is shared, limitations are cleared and an opening for new possibilities is created

  • You may be guided in conscious breathing, tapping or other appropriate techniques; the session is interactive

  • Suggestions may be offered to assist you beyond the session

  • Session is recorded and you are emailed an mp3 file 

  • YOU are your own healer and conductor in the symphony of your life!  This is about YOUR empowerment and personal victories!  I am a co-facilitator; a 'midwife' to what you are birthing anew in your life

Schedule Your Session

  1. Make Payment for these Sessions via PayPal, below 

  2. Then E-Mail me with your name and phone number, and specific area of your session focus  at - - -

  3. I will reply to schedule your appointment and address any further directions

   Note: All payments are final with no refunds​


Option 1:

One - 60 minute Personal Session


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Option 2:

Three - 60 minute Personal Sessions



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Option 3:

Six - 60 minute Personal Sessions $798


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Informed Consent:  By clicking the PayPal Button above and agreeing to contract with Erina Cowan for a private session, I fully acknowledge that I know Erina Cowan presents herself as a Facilitator of Awakening Hearts and Minds.  She assists clients in connecting with their inner wisdom and heart intelligence.  Erina  does not purport to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any physical or psychological disease, disorder or ailment.  I fully accept responsibility for my own healing and self- empowerment; thereby opening myself to limitless possibilities.

Erina – “I am happy to offer a unique synergy of clearings, intuitive guidance and ‘soulful listening’ in my sessions.  Clients partner with me in an interactive experience designed to bring light and renewed clarity to any area of focus.  MFR is used to create shifts in limiting patterns and open fields to new possibilities. I love witnessing my clients experience shifts that bring them into greater connection with their inner radiance, with ‘true authentic Self’.”

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