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Mind Field Repatterning Practitioners' Space
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For Mind Field Repatterning Alumni Practitioners
Who have completed a minimum of MFR Level One Mastery Course

Beloved Alumni
Join us for our monthly community gatherings!  We initiated these calls in 2023 and they have been a great way for practitioners to connect, swap inspirations and experiences and deepen their Mind Field Repatterning practices.

These calls have proven to be stimulating, inspiring, expansive, to say the least! Great dialogues between participants and myself take us into the field of all possibilities, the place where miracles are seen and experienced.

Join us as we move through 2024 together, creating deeper community support ... which, to say the least, is called for right now on planet Earth!

Next Mind Field Repatterning Alumni Call:

Thursday March 21st at 11 am MT

Register Here in Advance:


Once registered you will then receive a link to access meeting directly from Zoom.

This month's call will feature:

  • What is healing?  How can we best support others in their own healing (we are all our own healers)... and how can we hold a loving, open space that supports access to the field where miracles are a natural occurence... "There is a field beyond the ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing. I will meet you there." Rumi

  • Q & A opening... how's your practice going? Questions regarding specific MFR technique, foundation ideas (non-dual) and practical applications will be answered... of course, all benefit!

  • Session preparation & true connection for optimal results.  The art of 'letting go attachment' to specific outcome in support of desired outcome and so much more...

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from Zoom containing information about joining the meeting.

What to Bring?
Questions regarding your MFR practice
Shares about what you are doing these days with MFR? How are you integrating it in your life and practice? What's working for you?
A pendulum... perhaps a quick spin or so will arise!
Your beautiful Presence

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Note: Please contact me with any suggestions about what topics you would like us to cover in an Alumni call, and of course any questions or feedback you have regarding your Mind Field Repatterning practice. I'd love to hear from you!

In Love,

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