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Home and Property Clearings & Energetic Restorations

A multidimensional approach to clearing buildings and properties

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You are in relationship with your physical environment. Imbalances and disharmony in your space can negatively influence any area of your life including your health, prosperity, and relationships.  Energetic restoration of your environment can create a noticeable shift in how you feel in your home and in positive changes manifesting in your life.

Physical environments hold energetic memories of particularly potent experiences that have transpired over the span of many years, sometimes dating back hundreds.  These energy patterns, including traumatic emotions are literally contained within the space of a property and home. 


Several other factors may be contributing to energetic imbalances as well.  These are all assessed and brought back into balance during a clearing/restoration session. 


Foundational to my work is the understanding that we are in relationship with all.

Our external environment  mirrors to us what we are holding within in some way.  We are constantly influenced by and simultaneously influencing all fields of relationship, including our physical space.  It is natural that as we harmonize our environment, we will likely feel an inner shift as well.


Assessment and correction of energetic anomalies includes:

  • geopathic stress lines

  • clearing building, grounds, and all objects of stress patterns

  • hyper-dimensional portals

  • morphic fields

  • geometric grid of property and home; inhabitants compatibility

  • traumatic emotional/mental memories

  • releasing energies that have been 'stuck' 

  • clearing dark energies; raising environmental vibrations

  • releasing/completing old contracts/agreements

  • harmonizing inhabitants to property 

  • rejuvenating the life force of the land

  • healing relationship with the spirit of the land


What does a session look like?

  • Choose a phone or online appointment

  • Sessions are remote and MP3 recordings emailed to you

  • I tune in to the home & property 30 min ahead of call

  • We join for the 60 min clearing/restoration session


Whether you are planning on staying in your home or preparing it for sale a Home and  Property Clearing and Restoration Session offers great benefits

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