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Upcoming Mind Field Repatterning Special Classes

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All MFR Special Classes are designed to take participants through a 90 minute journey that offers experiential clearings while teaching the

Art of Mind Field Repatterning in specific areas of focus

For now, if you would like to purchase more than one class please email me
until we implement a Shopping Cart

Each Class includes the Following:

  • BONUS - 'Basics of MFR' streamed video to get you up and going so that you can dowse along if you are new to this practice

  • Zoom link to join us Live for this class

  • Link to access class recording for 4 weeks following live presentation

  • Mind Field Repatterning proprietary charts specific to this topic






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What Will Be Covered?

  • Understand the properties of 6D (based on Barbara Hand Clow's model 'Alchemy of 9 Dimensions')

  • Work with specific codes to optimize mental, emotional, physical well being

  • Access codes to bring neutrality, therefore harmony into any situation

  • Connect with the 6th dimensional template to assist in shifts on all levels

Join is in Bringing in 2023 with a Wave of MFR Special Classes

Designed to Change the Way You Experience Life...

Shift Mind & Open Heart:

January 18th 

Wed eve from 6 to 7:30 pm MT

Working 6 Dimensional Number Codes to Shift 'Reality Sets'
Learn to access codes to bring harmony & balance into any situation

Geometries, mathematics and numbers are a Universal Language. All manifestation is organized by numbers. You will learn to find the perfect 'code' to bring in balance and harmonize any issue you can imagine.

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Enrollment $55 USD

February 22nd 

Wed eve from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

Healed, Healthy Relationship ...

We Bring 2023 in with the Spirit of Love - Repeat Offering in Honor of Popular Request

Imagine If…

All your relationships, even from the past, took on a whole new meaning,

Every relationship became a deep source of joy and insight in your life

And you welcomed each day with a new sense of wonder and fulfillment...

This Is Your Natural State... Welcome Back

How do we live in this world in peace, without any limitations or guardedness around love?  It's your natural state of being, so it's certainly available to you!  This class offers an opportunity to shift from the experience of painful gaps and separation in relationships... to experiencing your relationships with a new sense of vitality and joyful connection.

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Enrollment $55 USD




February 15th

Wednesday from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

MFR Signature 'Rabbit Hole Work' 

Get to Core Energetic Cause of Any Issue

Learn the MFR proprietary process of 'special issue investigation' that has helped hundreds of clients get clear of blocks and limitations, freeing them to move on and consciously co-create the life that we all truly want and deserve. 


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Enrollment $55 USD


March 15th

Wednesday from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

Mind Field Repatterning as a Spiritual Practice 

Let the busy mind rest and connect with your natural state.

The world and all within it are a 'mirror of the mind.' Discover the deep potential for inner transformation through consciously shifting the patterns within that obscure the True Light of your Being.


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Enrollment $55 USD



Thank you for joining us in the fabulous celebration of life, love and miracles.  Stay tuned for continued class offerings, bringing us through 2023 together

What Will Be Covered?

  • Identify which domain or 'realm' holds the core influencing pattern at the heart of an issue

  • Assess whether time travel is called for to best release the pattern

  • Follow the mind in offering you specific 'keys' to unlock limiting patterns 

  • This class is about empowering yourself through playing with patterns; not about getting hung up on 'stories'... for non matter

What Will Be Covered?

  • Perception vs True Vision

  • Forgiveness - To lift off and send away; to practice the art of letting go and feeling the liberation

  • Healing Mind; Opening Heart

  • Accessing unconscious beliefs that hold you in the illusion of separation

What Will Be Covered?

  • ​Find and release unconscious beliefs that have been holding love 'elusively' out of reach in your life

  • Heal family patterns within your self; change the dynamics

  • Which relationships are you 'using' to disempower yourself?

  • Learn the highest form of forgiveness & free yourself with it

  • What are you seeking outside yourself that is really a call for greater self-love and acceptance?  

  • Release blockages to self-love and acceptance

  • Create a shift in your relationship with life... from fear to love

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