Upcoming Mind Field Repatterning Special Theme Classes

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All Special Theme Classes are designed to take participants through a 90 minute journey that offers experiential clearings while teaching the

Art of Mind Field Repatterning in specific areas of focus

Each Class includes the Following:

  • BONUS - 'Basics of MFR' streamed video to get you up and going so that you can dowse along if you are new to this practice

  • Zoom link to join us Live for this class

  • Link to access class recording for 4 weeks following live presentation

  • Mind Field Repatterning proprietary charts specific to this topic

Restructuring Ancestral Patterns
Wed October 5th from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

After receiving enthusiastic feedback after last month's GSC Call 'Pruning the Family Tree' it seems timely to offer this remastered class  on shifting ancestral patterns and bringing to completion soul agreements, no longer relevant or beneficial... that have been played out through the generations.
Join us in this exciting class... and shed old layers of ancestral webbing to bring forward an awareness of the blessings passed down through your lineage.  Celebrate these soulful relationships!


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Enrollment $55 USD


Home & Property Energetic Restoration -

A Multidimensional Approach to Clearing Buildings and Properties
Wed November 9th from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

You are in relationship with your physical environment. Imbalances and disharmony in your space can negatively influence any area of your life including your health, prosperity, and relationships.  Energetic restoration of your environment can create a noticeable shift in how you feel in your home and in positive changes manifesting in your life.

Physical environments hold energetic memories of particularly potent experiences that have transpired over the span of many years, sometimes dating back hundreds.  These energy patterns, including traumatic emotions are literally contained within the space of a property and home.  Several other factors may be contributing to energetic imbalances as well.  These are all assessed and brought back into balance during a clearing/restoration session. 


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Enrollment $55 USD


Healed, Healthy Relationship 

Wed December 7th from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

Perfect timing as we ready ourselves for family gatherings and festive holiday events!

Imagine If…

All your relationships, even from the past, took on a whole new meaning,

Every relationship became a deep source of joy and insight in your life

And you welcomed each day with a new sense of wonder and fulfillment...

This Is Your Natural State... Welcome Back

"I only ever experience my self."  To truly get this is to profoundly liberate oneself.  We are in one relationship - with life, with the Divine, with Self.  It is possible to live as a healthy sovereign being/while serving as a beautiful expression of the One.  

How do we live in this world in peace, without any limitations or guardedness around love?  It's your natural state of being, so it's certainly available to you!  This class offers an opportunity to shift from the experience of painful gaps and separation in relationships... to experiencing your relationships with a new sense of vitality and joyful connection.

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Enrollment $55 USD

What Will We Cover?

  • Point of Conception - a potent access portal to completing lineage agreements which no longer serve your highest good

  • 6D Codes provided to release limiting ancestral patterns

  • Enhance DNA telomeres to assist in repair and anti-aging

  • Increase DNA light transmission and activation

  • Restructure 6D ‘family tree’ template to a higher vibrational state

What Will Be Covered?

  • geopathic stress lines

  • clearing building, grounds, and all objects of stress patterns

  • hyper-dimensional portals 

  • geometric grid of property and home; inhabitants compatibility

  • traumatic emotional/mental memories

  • clearing dark energies; raising environmental vibrations

  • releasing/completing old contracts/agreements

  • harmonizing inhabitants to property 

  • rejuvenating the life force of the land

  • healing relationship with the spirit of the land

What Will Be Covered?

  • ​Find and release unconscious beliefs that have been holding love 'elusively' out of reach in your life

  • Heal family patterns within your self; change the dynamics

  • Which relationships are you 'using' to disempower yourself?

  • Learn the highest form of forgiveness & free yourself with it

  • What are you seeking outside yourself that is really a call for greater self-love and acceptance?  

  • Release blockages to self-love and acceptance

  • Create a shift in your relationship with life... from fear to love

  We are so grateful to join you along this journey of creating new beginnings...
Stay Tuned for Our 2023 Class Itinerary


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