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Upcoming Mind Field Repatterning Special Classes

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All MFR Special Classes are designed to take participants through a 90 minute journey that offers experiential clearings while teaching the

Art of Mind Field Repatterning in specific areas of focus

For now, if you would like to purchase more than one class please email me
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Each Class includes the Following:

  • BONUS - 'Basics of MFR' streamed video to get you up and going so that you can dowse along if you are new to this practice

  • Zoom link to join us Live for this class

  • Link to access class recording for 4 weeks following live presentation

  • Mind Field Repatterning proprietary charts specific to each topic

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Freedom from Addictions

What's Core to All Addictions and How Do We Move Beyond Them... Healed, Whole and Deeper in Self- Love and Acceptance

June 14ath Wednesday from 6 - 7:30 pm MT

"Freedom from Addictions"  Erina

All addictions are the result of an unconscious disconnect from Self. Learn to reclaim your birthright to joy, creativity and well-being through identifying and releasing core causes on the level of mind. Causes can include ancestral patterns, past traumas and limiting beliefs. Freedom is a choice ... claim yours now! 

What Will Be Covered?

  • A new perspective about 'addiction' that will assist in shifting associated stigmas, guilt, judgment

  • Release from identifying self through addictive patterns

  • Shifting patterns to reset biochemical pathways, supporting physical, mental and emotional release

  • Forgiveness... Key in accessing freedom, and how to approach it so it works!

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Summer Schedule for
Special Theme Classes soon to be posted

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Shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary Living
Tap into Your Natural State of Infinite Creative Potential

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