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Upcoming Mind Field Repatterning Special Classes

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All Mind Field Repatterning theme classes are designed to take participants through a

90 minute journey of transformation, integrating expansive ideas and potent clearings.




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Divine Union

Healing the Masculine/Feminine Relationship Within...

Shifting All Relationships to Reflect This

Monday December 11th at 5 pm MT

Divine union is not a choice but an absolute truth that can only be experienced through the liberation of the small self. It is not about attracting the ideal quantum partner nor is it in the glory of a manifested desire. It means transcending the alleged separation and surrendering to the simplicity of being. ~Ishtar Gonzalez


What is Mind Field Repatterning?



An interactive exploration of quantum principles and expansive, non-dual ideas that serve in collapsing false beliefs and limiting patterns, dissolving unconscious attachment to them to allow for a total shift in life experience on all levels, physical and non-physical. Thoughts, emotions and outdated 'stories' form energetic 'signatures/imprints' that direct our entire experience of life, until surfaced and released. Collapsing these energetic imprints brings us to a field of pure potential, free of 'charged' memories... This is where life transforms from black and white to brilliant color; where we connect with our true nature, becoming ever-more Self-Aware.

A beautiful way to bring completion 20 2023 and start the new year with a blank canvas...

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