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Upcoming Mind Field Repatterning Special Classes

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All Mind Field Repatterning theme classes are designed to take participants through a

90 minute journey of transformation, integrating expansive ideas and potent clearings.




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Monday March 25th at 5 pm MT

A Deep Dive Into Releasing Stress Patterns to Optimize Health

Our February GSC Call with same topic was received with great appreciation and positive feedback.  I'm happy to be joining you in diving deeper into this area. It's been an area of focus for me throughout the last few decades. Having worked in Functional Medicine as a Physician's Assistant, and later as a Practitioner/Trainer in various forms of Energy Medicine... I recognized that all illness and imbalances (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) have stress patterns as core causal influences.  I'm happy to share an expanded view of this and to guide you in self-empowering ways of shifting the hidden stress patterns to assist in optimizing your health, happiness and fulfillment in life.

So often we don't even realize that we've been 'running on empty'... work, families, trying to fit time in for taking care of ourselves and having some fun!  When our neurologic system is in overdrive for long periods of time (very common 'side effect' of multi-tasking, busy-mindedness, full schedules)... none of our body's systems are working properly.  No surprise that so many people have issues with digestion, immune weakness, cardiovascular imbalances, aches/pains, back stress, hormone regulation, depression, anxiety, etc.  I call this 'chronic low-grade sympathetic on' (since we may not perceive ourselves to be obviously stressed, often it's unrecognized).


Class Includes:


  • 90 minute 'Intro/Get Up & Going with Mind Field Repatterning' streamed recorded class

  • Proprietary Charts

  • Link to Live Class

  • Link to Recorded Class (accessible for 30 days)

Enroll Here for Only $55



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