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Mind Field Repatterning Level Courses
Fast Track Program

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We are offering this exciting new 'learn at your own pace' option for our Mind Field Repatterning Mastery Levels (1, 2, 3) Courses

Have you been interested in learning this transformational practice but find it difficult to fit the scheduled courses into your timeframe?  Perhaps you live in a time zone that makes your participation in live classes difficult, or maybe you would simply prefer to take these courses at your convenience in a relaxed rhythm with your lifestyle and schedule.

Many students have completed these courses over the years through accessing the recorded classes and Q & A sessions, following the five-week progression that their fellow students were moving through in live presentations.  Since we have an international student base, this is not unusual.  However, the need to extend this idea into a 'MFR Levels Fast Track' Home Study option has become evident. The MFR Levels Courses are sequential, so a student must complete MFR Level One prior to taking MFR Level Two.  Level Three must be preceded by a Level Two completion as well.  While following this sequence a student is not obligated to continue through all three courses.  The level of study you wish to complete with is up to you.

What Is Included in MFR Fast Track Program? 

  • Link to stream all five classes and three Q & A session recordings

  • All course materials to download

  • Two personal Q & A/Practice sessions with Erina 

  • Email support with Erina

  • BONUS - Mind Field Repatterning Proprietary Charts E-Book (76 charts)

  • Benefits as a MFR Practitioner including access to monthly Alumni calls

How to Enroll in Fast Track

  • Each MFR Levels Course can be purchased through the PayPal button listed below.  You must move through the Fast Track program sequentially with Levels One, Two and Three. That being said, you are not obligated to continue enrollment through all Levels. The level of study you wish to complete with is up to you.  MFR Level One Mastery is a comprehensive program that will teach you the foundations of Mind Field Repatterning, enabling you to facilitate sessions for yourself and others by the course's completion. Levels Two and Three are designed to take your practice to further levels of mastery.

  • Once you have purchased MFR Level One Fast Track you will soon receive a Welcome email with the course manual and associated materials attached and a link to stream all five recorded classes and three recorded Q & A sessions. 

  • Two personal Q & A sessions with Erina will be arranged as you move through the course.

 Purchase all three MFR Level Courses as a package to Save through

discounted enrollment

MFR Level One Mastery Course



MFR Level Two Mastery Course


MFR Level Three Mastery Course


Enroll in Mind Field Repatterning Levels Package

and Save...

All three Levels available for you to move through at your own speed. Materials for each Level are provided to you, with email support from Erina and two personal Q & A sessions per Mind Field Repatterning Level Course. 

All Three MFR Mastery Level Courses 

       Only $777


We highly recommend that you purchase 

Dowsing Beyond Duality (David Cowan, Erina Cowan; RWW 2012)

available through and leading bookstores.  Although it is 

not necessary for any of the Level courses, it is a comprehensive guide

to the work and offers additional information that may be useful as you

evolve your practice.

I look forward to joining you on this journey of new discoveries,

accessing your highest potential and dissolving the illusion of 

separation.  Therein lies freedom from suffering and access 

through a portal that transports us from patterns of limitation to tapping infinite potential, from shifting fear to Love.

In Love & Gratitude,


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