Mind Field Repatterning Certification Program

July - September 2021

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  • SIX 90-minute Classes Wed Evenings - 6-7:30 (MT)

      July 14, 21, 28,      Aug 18, 25,     Sept 15th

  • FIVE Interactive Group Calls - Mon Evenings - 6-7:00 (MT)

      July 26,      Aug 2, 16, 30,     Sept 13th

  • All Classes and calls will be recorded

Is this for you?  This program is formatted as a highly interactive course designed specifically for those practitioners who are working professionally with MFR or for those who just want to take their practice for self and loved ones to a whole new level.  What perfect timing (here on our lovely planet) to further cultivate our skills and dedicate ourselves to dissolving fear and supporting the shift to Love! 

Who qualifies?

Practitioners who have completed all MFR Levels Courses, One, Two and Three  

A Few Clarification Points 

  • This is an Internal Certification Program with Certification awarded through Blue Sun Energetics LLC

  • Successful completion of Mind Field Repatterning™ Level 1 qualifies the student as a practitioner, having learned the foundations of this system and developed basic MFR skills.

  • MFR Levels 2 and 3 further build the practitioners’ skills while offering an expanded variety of applications.

  • Mind Field Repatterning™ Certification Program is focused on deepening the practitioner’s understanding of the principles that are foundational to MFR.  A whole new field of possibilities in healing and creating positive shifts is made accessible.

  • Mind Field Repatterning™ focuses on healing the mind. As we heal the mind, we collapse our false identity (ego) and awaken heart intelligence. We remember Love, our natural state.  

  • MFR Certification Program also supports practitioners in gaining greater confidence in their work as well as growing a successful practice.

  • Where MFR Levels 1, 2, 3 Courses introduce a wide variety of proprietary charts and materials focused on building skills, Mind Field Repatterning™ Certification Program brings the work into an even more cohesive practice.  There will be little if any new charts supplied. 

  • As practitioners of the Healing Arts, it is easy to get caught up in seeing clients (or ourselves) as needing ‘fixing’ or ‘healing’. This is always a limiting perception (sourced from one’s ‘conditioned’ ego mind). Session results from this perspective will be limited (even when there seems to be a shift). In Mind Field Repatterning™ Certification Program we will be integrating ideas that support true healing. 

  • Those who successfully complete the Mind Field Repatterning™ Certification Program (demonstrating not just dowsing prowess, but an integrated understanding of the foundations) will be issued a diploma with credentials:

     Certified Mind Field Repatterning Practitioner  ‘CMFRP’

Mind Field Repatterning™ Certification Program Benefits 

  • Become a Certified Mind Field Repatterning™ Practitioner 

  • Certified MFR Practitioners will be listed by region on www.AwakeningHeartsandMinds.com

  • Take your Mind Field Repatterning practice to its highest potential  

  • Connect with the field of all possibilities and miraculous outcomes 

  • Fine Tune your language skills and confidence in describing this work to others and in facilitating MFR sessions 

  • Expand your MFR practice; create a fluid successful business plan 

  • Enhance the awakening of hearts and minds for Self, for All 


Mind Field Repatterning is not just another dowsing technique.  The purpose given anything determines outcome.  Although MFR is a powerful dowsing system which certainly has universal applications, the heart of this work is purposed to collapsing limiting patterns (projections from an unhealed mind), thereby dissolving attachment to ego 'conditioned mind' identity. The ease in which patterns collapse and 'perceived realities' shift supports an understanding that all form is impermanent (everything here inevitably changes).  If something changes so easily, how real was it to begin with? 

As a practitioner continues with MFR, they are likely to grow in their experience of what is real, Love. 

Emphasis is not placed on the specific patterns that are released, rather on the peace and clarity that often accompanies such shifts.  I have found that it is often easier for an individual to focus on their inner work and spiritual growth when they are in a more relaxed, stress-free state of being.  This is where MFR shines. 

Class Syllabus:

  • Week One –  Class: 
    Approaching MFR from a higher perspective. Shifting from ‘problem/issue’ orientation to creative orchestration, experiencing divine guidance,
    removing blocks to the awareness of Love.  Healing happens through us, not from us; no one needs fixing. The healing power of true forgiveness; awakening. 

  • Week Two –  Class: 
    Efficient organizing of materials and sessions; opening to inspiration and a deepening in your receptivity to be guided by Presence in your sessions; being in the flow and feeling confident with what comes through; joining your client in a 'holy moment' of union and healing. 

  • Week Three- Interactive Group Call        
    Bridging a 'quantum perspective' with living in miracle-mindedness. Everything here is subject to change (this is the nature of creation) and miracles (what we had not considered possible; experiences that seem to break the laws of time/space) are happening all the time. How do we open our minds and hearts to living in Love with 'what is' instead of being driven by conscious/unconscious stories about it?  How do we use MFR as a powerful ally in healing the mind/opening one's heart (instead of missing the point of it and getting caught up in fervent attempts to manipulate outcomes)? 

  • Week Four – Interactive Group Call                   
    Aug 4:  No class held. 
    Weeks Four and Five are purposed to integrate the topics that have been shared to this point. Students are required to facilitate a minimum of 2 sessions during the week (30 to 60 minutes each; 1 session can be on themselves, the other one or more can be facilitated for family members or friends, pets, or clients.  Practitioners are asked to record noteworthy observations and any questions that may arise during these sessions.  There will be opportunities to share these in our Interactive Group Calls and through our Facebook Group dialogues. Suggested exercises in the manual are designed to assist with this. Connection through an Interactive Group call, FB MFR Cert Group interaction and other streams of communication will continue during this period. 

  • Week Five – No class held.                                                                                  Week Four requirements are continued through Week Five.

  • Week Six – Interactive Group Call                  
    Getting your practice up and going:  how to let people know what you are offering; establishing fees; personal and group sessions discussed; creative 'fluid' business planning and ideas on how to integrate MFR with other modalities you may be offering. 

  • Week Seven – Class:  The Art of Soulful Communication
    (truly receiving another and being a conduit for the Divine (God, Holy Spirit, etc.) to move through you in joining with another (this is where anything is possible) and trusting the guidance coming through. 

  • Week Eight –  Interactive Group Call                              
    No class held.
    Weeks Eight and Nine are held as a time for further integration and practice.  Requirements are the same as listed in Week Four.

  • Week Nine – No class held. 
    Integration and practice follow the guidelines described in Week Four.

  • Week Ten – Interactive Group Call                   
    Wrapping it all up with a cohesive bow!  Interactive student participation with Q & A, insights, inspiration, and suggestions will be shared.

Program Structure: 

  • The MFR Certification Program spans over the course of ten weeks to support personal and professional growth within a relaxed schedule. 

  • Six 90 min classes

  • 2 personal sessions scheduled for each student with Erina (switching roles - 1 with Erina as practitioner; 1 with Erina as the client) 

  • 2 sessions to be scheduled with a partner, another student (switching roles - 1 session as client; 1 session as practitioner) 

  • Students are required to facilitate two additional sessions (see details in Week Four instructions) during the four ‘integration’ weeks (weeks 4, 5, 8, 9)

  • 5 Interactive Group Calls held over the ten- week schedule (student feedback on sessions, group support)

  • Personal support from Erina as needed through brief check-in calls, texting and email communication. 

  • MFR Certification Program Manual to compliment class topics 

  • Facebook private MFR Certification Group to share inspirations, helpful dialogue, questions. 

All healing occurs on the level of mind.  When we release ourselves and others from the belief that we know what is best, we serve as willing conduits for Presence (Love, the Divine, God, Source) to move through, directing the flow and outcome for the highest good of our client, and for All.  Surrendering ourselves to Divine guidance is taken to a new level of experience in this program.  Getting ourselves ‘out of the way’ to be divinely directed, the field of all possibilities (Miracles) is accessible.  I can promise you this… the more we are aligned with this level of dedicated awareness, the more graceful and joyful does life become.  We never heal alone.  We are One. 

Register Here :

  • Enrollment Fee $444

  • (Option: Two payments of $222.00 each can be arranged if needed. Contact me through email)