Free Global Shift Clearing Calls 

Dedicated to Supporting You in Navigating Your Personal Journey of Emergence with Ease and Grace

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           Navigating Changing Times        

Free Global Shift Clearing Calls

Held on the Third or Fourth Monday of Each Month

Topics to Be Announced Monthly

GSC Calls are Mind Field Repatterning monthly events to assist you in navigating through these times of accelerated shift in global consciousness.  Each month we focus on a theme that best serves in the continued evolution of awakening as we release stress and let go beliefs and patterns that would hold us back.

Erina is joined by Certified Mind Field Repatterning Practitioners to facilitate clearings. GSC Calls are a great way to stay connected with our Mind Field Repatterning community, dedicated to shifting fear to love, limitation to unlimited possibilities.  Join us for our next call:

Healing Emotional Trauma

May 30th from 6 - 7 pm MT

Who among us has not experienced emotional trauma? The stronger the emotion expressed in a traumatic experience, the more powerful the signature that is embedded in our neuro-biological chemistry. We carry this signature also in our energetic template as 'traumatic memory'. This ensures opportunities to surface these memories again, triggered by life experiences.... until we release these patterns.

One very effective way is through Mind Field Repatterning quantum 'shift' method. Join Erina and some of our skilled Certified MFR Practitioners in an evening of collapsing traumatic memories to access the field of all potential, where new beginnings/creations abound in miraculous flow.

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For more info and to connect with our MFR Certified Practitioners who
co-facilitate our monthly clearings, go to our 'Certified Practitioners' page under 'About' in Home page menu.
If you do not find listed the practitioner you would like to connect with, contact Erina:

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Interested in becoming a Certified Mind Field Repatterning Practitioner?

Check out our MFR Classes listed under 'Courses' in home menu. Get a feel for each of the level classes and the familiarize yourself with the Mind Field Repatterning Certification Program application requirements and course curriculum. Mind Field Repatterning is a powerfully transformative method that hundreds of practitioners worldwide have learned and integrated into their lives.  It serves as a 'stand alone' effective healing modality as well as a complimentary method to many other techniques.  For many, it has become a
'game-changing', enriching part of their life's journey.  For some it has evolved into a significant expression of their life purpose. 

If you have any questions please contact Erina at 949-677-5169 or email her at 


  We are so grateful to join you along this journey of creating new beginnings...