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Mind Field Repatterning - Level One Mastery

Shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary Living...
Awaken to Your True Essence, Limitless and Free


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Mind Field Repatterning Level One

The Evolution Continues...

New Course Structure & Content

 Six 90 Minute Classes

Next Course Schedule:

Classes - Mondays at 11 am MT

June 3, 10, 17, 24, July 8, 15th

Three Q & A/Practice Sessions

Wednesdays at 11 am MT

June 5, 19, July 10th

All Classes & Q & A Sessions are Recorded

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Mind Field Repatterning Level One Mastery - The Evolution Continues – 2024

 Content has taken a quantum leap... as the call to Awaken on this planet has become more evident than ever.


Six Week Transformational Course:  We dive right into non-dual foundations that are signature to Mind Field Repatterning, taking this practice into the realm of miracles.  What is a miracle but a shift that occurs beyond anything we had consciously imagined possible.  Mind Field Repatterning is designed to serve you in your awakening; to free you from the slumber of conditioned mind. 


The time is right!  Shed unconscious stories that have bound you in a matrix of limitation and tap into the infinitely creative Essence of True Self!

What happens then?  Life changes.

You become a powerful catalyst in the 'collective consciousness' awakening.

What is Mind Field Repatterning?

An interactive exploration of quantum principles and expansive, non-dual ideas that serve in collapsing false beliefs and limiting patterns, dissolving unconscious attachment to them to allow for a total shift in life experience on all levels, physical and non-physical. Thoughts, emotions and outdated 'stories' form energetic 'signatures/imprints' that direct our entire experience of life, until surfaced and released. Collapsing these energetic imprints brings us to a field of pure potential, free of 'charged' memories... This is where life transforms from black and white to brilliant color; where we connect with our true nature, becoming ever-more Self-Aware.

Meet me in the field of 'neutrality'... it is there we can make a difference.

It is only there that we truly meet.

This foundation of transformational ideas is applied through Mind Field Repatterning quantum dowsing skills to create tangible positive changes in any and all areas of life.  Suffering is sourced in an unhealed mind. Freedom from it is found in healing the mind and opening One's heart.

In Summary:  Mind Field Repatterning Level One Mastery focuses on bridging the conscious and 'superconscious' aspects of mind to discover and release hidden beliefs, memories and images that have been causing limitations and suffering in any area of life.  These are the patterns that we unconsciously hold that obscure our awareness of Love.  Once these memories have been released, a veil lifts and the field of Infinite possibilities becomes accessible.  We begin to access our essence of Love, as Love.

Quantum principles and expansive ideas are signature to Mind Field Repatterning™, assisting practitioners in personal transformations and ease in mastering the skills. The foundation of non-dual principles and working from Higher Mind awareness constitutes Mind Field Repatterning as a unique, highly successful healing practice in alchemical transformation.  As veils of unconscious beliefs and patterns lift an experience of True Self becomes more and more accessible. Mind Field Repatterning is a potent spiritual practice that supports you along your path of awakening.

Hundreds of clients and students internationally have embraced the ideas and practice of Mind Field Repatterning™, creating positive changes in their lives


Access the memory files held in your 'Superconscious mind'
and delete the patterns that are not serving your highest potential

What may you experience?

  • Healed mind, opened heart

  • A return of magic in your life

  • Renewed joy and creative expression

  • Freedom from suffering

  • Awakening True Self

  • Ability to create positive changes for yourself and others

Logistics & Materials Provided

  • Link to LIVE Workshop and           Q & A Sessions

  • Link to All Sessions Recordings

  • MFR 101 Manual

  • Access to monthly MFR Practitioners Q & A/Practice calls

Curriculum Includes

  • Non-Dual, liberating perspectives sourced from 'A Course in Miracles' and Quantum principles

  • Practical applications through MFR spiritual dowsing

  • The Unified Field as an all-inclusive template of Creation

  • Classic dowsing – accurate ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers

  • Quantum dowsing - collapsing limiting beliefs and patterns to manifest positive change

  • Shifting experiences from fear-based to love in manifest form

  • Reduce suffering through shifts in perception

  • Proprietary charts and materials to balance and harmonize body, mind and field

  • Working beyond 3D linear parameters

  • Edit scripts through your soul’s journey of lifetimes

  • Physical and Energy Field tune-up with Organs Chart

  • MFR Special Issue Focus - proprietary sequence to quickly access and shift core energetic blockages

  • Integration of skills to facilitate group and individual clearings

You are an integral part of the One expressing Creation through perspectives unique to you, along a path that is Divinely orchestrated… A shift in perception can change mundane existence To extraordinary living

Suggested Purchase: 

‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (David Ian and Erina Cowan; RWW 2012)

Although not required for class we highly recommend you purchase this, as you likely will find it to be a great compliment for your journey in mastering MFR

Register Here: MFR - Level 1

  • 12 Hours of Live Streaming Classes and Q&A/Practice Sessions

  • Personal Support

  • Proprietary Charts & Other Materials Provided

  • Course Value is $1250

Enrollment $444

If you have completed MFR Level 1 previously and wish to dive back in you qualify

for ...


Alumni Special:

Repeat MFR - Level 1

for only $222

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