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Special for Quantum Biofeedback Practitioners
Mind Field Repatterning is a Complimentary System to Advanced Quantum Biofeedback Technology...
Take Your Sessions to a Whole New Level!


Join Erina Cowan and

Martha Brissenden, CMFRP, QBS 

on February 9th 2023

11 am - 12:30 pm EST

Learn the basics of Mind Field Repatterning

and how to integrate it with Quantum Biofeedback to optimize your session results.

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Those of us who have been practitioners of Quantum Biofeedback know what an advanced technology it is in alternative health care and for the support of optimal well-being. Erina Cowan has been involved with this technology for about two decades as a practitioner and trainer.

During these same years Erina and David Cowan were developing a transformational quantum healing system, which evolved as Mind Field Repatterning 'MFR'.  After the release of their co-authored book 'Dowsing Beyond Duality' (RRW; 2012), their work expanded into teaching classes internationally and creating community of MFR Practitioners.

Mind Field Repatterning directs a practitioner and client to access and release core energetic patterns that are causal to any issue. MFR is a stand-alone practice or one that works synergistically with other modalities, including Quantum Biofeedback. 

Erina is delighted to be joining Martha Brissenden, who is skilled as a Certified Mind Field Repatterning Practitioner and long-time Quantum Biofeedback Practioner in this special event for the Quantum Biofeedback Community. 

Covered in this session:

  • Get up and going with MFR

  • Optimizing session time with precision dowsing

  • Multidimensional clearing while running therapies

  • Collapsing emotional overlays to achieve deeper results



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