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Mind Field Repatterning 
Celebrating a 'coming out on the road' again!
Bringing 2023 in with our first live event since 2020...
Join Erina in warm, sunny Phoenix Jan 28, 29th


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A Transformational Journey that Shifts the Way You Experience Life

Coming to Phoenix Arizona on January 28, 29th

Our past directs the flow of our future, causing us to miss the present... Until It doesn’t.            
A Shift in Mind, an opening of heart changes everything

Consciousness + Light in-formation + Torsion Fields = Shift Happens



Mind Field Repatterning tm ‘MFR’ is a powerful transformational system that has arisen from the foundation presented in ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’ (David Cowan, Erina Cowan; RWW 2012). MFR offers a brilliant synthesis of non-dual, liberating perspectives, quantum field navigation and ancient techniques.  This enables the practitioner access to hidden patterns and beliefs that are core influences to any limiting issues in life. Once surfaced, these patterns are easily collapsed, and the field of pure potential/new possibilities is tapped into.  Primary purpose: collapse the illusion of separation/limitation…open to Heart Intelligence.  It is your nature to be infinitely creative, to live in joy, in love, as Love.




Weekend Workshop Flow:

  • Sat Jan 28th 9 am – 5 pm – Learn the skills, work with a powerful clearing protocol (hands-on, heart open), facilitate a selfie-physical/light body assessment and transformational harmonizing/balancing/optimizing health

  • Sun Jan 29th 9 am – 5 pm – Learn/enhance the skills, navigate shifts through working with proprietary charts, learn MFR’s signature technique ‘Rabbit Hole Work’…find the limiting pattern core to a specific issue, clear it, create a shift!

Included in your enrollment:  Mind Field Repatterning tm proprietary materials and charts…all you need to go forward with an ability to facilitate sessions for self/others;

certificate of MFR workshop completion


Workshop Location:

209 West Wood Drive

Phoenix AZ 85029


Each day's flow is designed to teach you the basic skills and offer you experience in navigating the specific advanced applications noted in

itinerary above. 

Come both days and enjoy a weekend package special, expand your knowledge, and fine tune your Mind Field Repatterning skills!

Space is limited. Save Your Seat Now

      Saturday                          Sunday                   Sat & Sun Special 

        $199                               $199                             $333


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